Blanche Serban


Ascending Green (48x72) The Tree(36x48) Green Meadow (36x48) Winter White (36x40), sold

Entanglement in Blue (40x30) Sunny Day (40x30) Wintery Trail (40x30) Birch Trees in Watercolor (40x30), sold

Purple Pink(30x48), sold The Door of The Forest (36x60) Red Birch Trees (30x48), sold Orange Glow, (36x60)

Eternity Today(30x30) Glittering Chanderiers(24x24) Prisoners of Summer (24x24), sold Cherry Trees (36x36)

Lake in the Woods (24x30), sold Dancing Trees(24x30) Tall Farm House(22x28) Old Farm House (36x48), sold

Orchard on the Hill(10x10), sold Willow Trees(10x10) Purple Trees in Orange Forest (10x10) Cobalt Blue and Cadmium Yellow (10x10)

Dreaming Orchard, sold Peach and Olive Trees, sold Fields of Color(22x28) Grand Piano, sold

Purple Winter (24x30) Green Forest (36x48) Yellow Barn (30x30) Old Farm House (24x48)

Purple River (36x60), on hold Orchard (24x30) Rolling Hills (24X30) Purple Trees, sold.

I Started Early (30x40) Morning Beach (36X48) Permanent Green (36X60), sold Tones of Orange (30x48), sold
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